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The State of Accounting Workflow Automation

Discover the workflow challenges firms faced in 2022, impact on work, attempts they made to solve them, and what role (if any) automation played.

Take the learnings to solve your workflow challenges, no matter the size of your firm.

This report includes

  • Top 24 striking accounting workflow automation stats

  • Data and quotes from firm owners about the workflow challenges they faced in 2022 and their key learnings

  • Insights and advice on workflow automation from Jason Staats, Ryan Lazanis, Kellie Parks, Gabrielle Fontaine, Brandon Hall & Dave Kersting.

  • Actionable tips to help you get to the root of your workflow challenges

  • Stories from firm owners on the “lightbulb moment” that made them realize they needed to automate their processes

  • Unbiased advice on what to look for in a good-fit accounting workflow software

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Who will get the most value from this report?

Accountants and bookkeeping firm owners...

  • Struggling with workflow challenges
  • Trying to diagnose the cause of their workflow challenges
  • Wondering if their firms are ripe for workflow automation
  • That have attempted to solve their workflow problems but keep hitting a wall
  • Confused about where to start with workflow automation
  • Evaluating the best-fit workflow automation software for their firms




Workflow was the biggest challenge firms faced in 2022, making up 66.7% of the overall general challenges they came up against
Of all the challenges firms grappled with in the middle of an economic downturn and a huge talent shortage in the industry, workflow was the biggest. 
Screen Shot 2023-03-28 at 9.28.42 AM-1
Manual work being repetitive, admin, and non-billable work that does not move the needle or bring in revenue.
Workflow automation cut time spent on manual work from an average of 2-5 hours to an average of 0-1 hour
Firms who implemented workflow automation software solutions saw a huge dip in time spent on manual work, giving them back time to focus on growing their firms (and doing other things they love).
70.5% consider recurring tasks as the biggest feature in a workflow software
Apparently, if your workflow software does not have recurring tasks, you should fire it.
72.7% assess the effectiveness of a workflow automation software by how smoothly their systems and processes run
Smoothly running systems and processes mean you’re getting something right, and 72.7% of our respondents say it’s hugely dependent on the workflow automation software you use. 
The "aha" moment of accounting workflow automation
Several shared how they knew it was time. See if you can relate with any of their experiences
Ryan Lazanis
Ryan Lazanis, among others, shared their opinions about workflow and autmation

What you'll get from reading this report

Asset 79@2x

See that you’re not alone in the workflow struggles you may be facing


Identify signs of potential issues with your workflow and come up with a plan to solve them

Asset 74@2x

Understand the definitive steps you need to take to solve your workflow challenges so you can scale your firm

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See how workflow automation goes hand in hand with good systems and processes to increase efficiency

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Know the most important things to look out for in a good workflow automation software

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Know how to measure the effectiveness of the workflow solution you try

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